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In addition to manufacturing the products found on this website, Archer Instruments also offers the following services:

Repair & Rebuild - Archer Instruments can fully service many brands and models. Factory rebuild service includes complete disassembly, thorough cleaning of all parts, new elastomers, new seals and new seating parts. Repaired or rebuilt units are then thoroughly tested prior to shipment.

Custom Fabrication - We can design, fabricate, test and ship custom-made panels incorporating ejectors, meter panels, switchovers, automatic valves, etc. to meet your specific needs.

Training - Archer Instruments can provide training on just about anything related to gas chlorination, either at the factory, in the field or in the classroom. We have extensive experience providing training on subjects such as chlorine safety, equipment design, residual chlorine analysis methods and all aspects of equipment operation, troubleshooting & maintenance.