Innovation & Quality


1) More than 1/2 of the way through 2019, Archer Instruments has continued to grow quickly, with YTD sales growth of over 31%! 

2) Earlier this year we completed development of our integral "Ton Ironworks"
swivel yoke & drip leg assemblies, which are offered for our Model VR3 and Model SR9 vacuum regulators. We have also recently completed our RMA6-10C Remote Meter Panel.

3) We have now completed development of our EJA-2000C Ejector for up to 2,000 PPD (40 kg/hr) gas feed, our CVA-2000 Check Valve for up to 2,000 PPD (40 kg/hr) gas feed, our EJA-1000 Ejector and our IVA-830 Isolation Valve. Details can be found on our Ejector Page and our Accessories Page.

4) Our product line continues to expand. More products are now in development...


More updates will be coming soon...