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Ammonia Gas Feed Equipment

 Ammonia Vacuum Regulators (Models VR3 and SR9)

-Complete line of vacuum Ammonia gas products

     -Vacuum Regulators (VR3 & SR9 for Ammonia)


     -Remote Meter Panels

     -Switchover Modules

     -Automatic Control Valve (ACV10 for Ammonia)

     -Gas Leak Detection (GLD30 Ammonia sensor)

-Ammonia Gas Feed Capacities:


     -12 PPD, 25 PPD, 50 PPD, 100 PPD & 250 PPD

Model VR3-10A (25 PPD NH3 pictured)

 -Ammonia Remote Meter Panel 

Model MPA-10A (12 PPD NH3 pictured)