Innovation & Quality

Archer Instruments, LLC.

          Archer Instruments is an original equipment manufacturer, located in Catasauqua, PA (USA). 

          It is our ongoing goal to manufacture the most reliable line of gas chlorinators in the world. Reliability is achieved by a combination of material quality, design engineering as well as proper assembly & testing procedures. Throughout the Archer product line, special attention has been paid to the materials of construction as well as design specifics. Archer Instruments chlorinators offer the industry-leading bill of materials. In several areas, Archer Instruments has introduced entirely new designs, offering considerable advantages over all other products on the market. In all areas, the Archer Instruments products are manufactured for reliability and ease of maintenance.

-All parts and products are stocked for fast shipment.

-All products are fully tested prior to shipment.

-All parts are machined. No parts are injection molded.

-Inlet filters (100 PPD / 2 KG/HR & below) are porous PTFE (Teflon). This Teflon filter will not crumble and can be removed for inspection or re-use.

-Inlet capsules (Models VR3, VR4 and SR9) are Hastelloy C-276. Inlet valves are fine Silver. Springs are Tantalloy.

-Archer Instruments stands behind the product line with a 3-year limited warranty and an industry-leading number of parts carrying a lifetime warranty. Archer Instruments Warranty